Massage candle 200 g


Emmanuel Levain called on all his know-how to compose particularly effective massage candles, which prolong the pleasure of the massage with a wake of softness and sensuality.



All the senses are awakened: the scents invade the olfactory imagination, the fruity scents are chewable, the light softens the atmosphere, the warmth expands the blood capillaries and relaxes the muscles, only silence remains which of course is to bet.

Beyond the cosmetic properties, massage candles are also ideal for the recovery of athletes and during physiotherapy treatments.

The high quality Emmanuel Levain candles are made with a wax composed of natural elements such as beeswax to guarantee lasting and total combustion. The wicks are made of cotton and treated without lead. The components are natural, without any danger for the users.

The average burning time is 40 hours for candles weighing 180 g and 400 hours for candles weighing 1.5 kg. Decorative objects imbued with refinement and elegance, Emmanuel Levain candles combine original fragrances with sensuality. materials, blown glass, porcelain, ceramic … The containers enhance the contents to compose a collection of absolute luxury. Each candle, each bottle is assembled by hand then slipped into its sheath to offer perfect quality to its lucky recipient.

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Amber, Slimming, Energizing, Fig, Orange Blossom, Vine peach, Firming, Relaxing, Green Tea