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About us

The Emmanuel Levain House

Maison Emmanuel Levain was born in Geneva from the meeting between the imagination of a man in love with exceptional, rare creations and the expertise of extraordinary perfumers.

Founded by Emmanuel Levain, a master perfumer with a deep artistic sensibility, our house is a celebration of olfactory excellence, where nature and memory meet to create exceptional fragrances.

At EMMANUEL LEVAIN, every perfume, every scented candle, and every interior essence is more than just a product – it’s an invitation to a sensory journey. Our creations are designed to awaken your senses, envelop you in an aura of well-being and transport you to a world where beauty and serenity reign supreme.

By drawing inspiration from the best of nature and drawing on the universal olfactory memory, Emmanuel Levain creates unique, bewitching and unusual perfumes. Our creations are intimate harmonies, delicate bridges between your environment and your essence, designed to bring tranquility and serenity into your daily life.

Each fragrance by EMMANUEL LEVAIN is the result of a rigorous artistic process, a symphony of carefully selected and harmonized notes. Our fragrances are works of art, multisensory experiences that invite contemplation, well-being and sensuality.

Emmanuel Levain, exceptional nose

At the heart of our quest for excellence is the subtle art and precise science of perfumery’s noses. Emmanuel Levain, founder and master perfumer, is recognized as one of the few “noses” in Switzerland to possess an exceptional talent for capturing the essence of nature in unparalleled olfactory creations. With an unparalleled dedication to excellence and unerring artistic intuition, Emmanuel Levain transforms rare and precious natural ingredients into captivating fragrances that tell stories, evoke memories, and evoke deep emotions.

His work is a delicate alchemy, a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, science and art. Each fragrance is carefully composed, each note is a word in an olfactory poetry that unfolds over time on the skin. Mastery and passion are at the heart of each creation, ensuring that each perfume worn is a unique signature, a reflection of the soul and personality of the wearer.


The high quality Emmanuel Levain candles are made with a wax composed of natural elements such as beeswax to guarantee lasting and total combustion. The wicks are made of cotton and treated without lead. The components are natural, without any danger for the users.

The average burning time is 40 hours for 180 g candles and 400 hours for 1.5 kg candles. Decorative objects imbued with refinement and elegance, Emmanuel Levain candles combine original fragrances with sensuality. materials, blown glass, porcelain, ceramic … The containers enhance the contents to compose a collection of absolute luxury. Each candle, each bottle is assembled by hand then slipped into its sheath to offer perfect quality to its lucky recipient.

Recognized for their thousand-year-old virtues and used for their therapeutic properties, essential oils allow us to benefit from the treasures of nature, hidden in the heart of plants. Emmanuel Levain has developed a range of scented candles and massage candles incorporating an exclusive cocktail of essential oils.

Calming, stimulating, energizing, relaxing, balancing … The wealth of active ingredients brings all their benefits to the body. In the atmosphere, the subtle and varied scents provide a real feeling of well-being, in massage, the wax turns into a soft and voluptuous oil coupled with a body treatment.